ESL, English as a Second Language just got easier.

Published: 15th December 2008
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ESL, English as a second language just got easier.

English as a Second Language (ESL)

The English Language is the worlds most difficult language too learn either for children or for English Second Language, ESL students, the DDcode unlocks the barriers with the periodic table of English for the fastest and most effective method of English Language and ESL training and tuition.

Helping with reading and pronunciation, the DDcode allows people learning English as a Second Language, ESL to improve their English reading and speaking skills FAST.

Decipherment of the 2000 year old Phonetic Code of English™, The DDcode™ education development, is now a reality for eradication of illiteracy throughout the world, entirely and genuinely for the first time in human history.

If you're familiar with the English langauge, you'll know its not a easy langauge to learn. Putting grammar and punctuation aside, the biggest part of learning English is remembering the words, and this is mainly done through repetition. But no matter how many words you do memorize or how many times you practise, the rules of pronunciation are still confusing.

Using the DDcode you can read and speak any English word with perfect pronunciation, every time. No more remembering whole words or confusing rules. With the DDcode, the rule for one word applies to every word. It is perfect for people learning English as a second language, ESL students, and it will help you improve your English accent.

The English language is so difficult because it made up of many different languages. The four main languages which influence English are German, French, Latin and Greek. But there is also Spanish, Italian, Dutch and many, many more.

English will open up a world of opportunities for you. So, no matter what the reason is for learning English the DDcode can help you achieve your desires fast.

It is the best solution for English speaking children wanting to improve their reading skills, and for people of all ages wanting to learn English as a second language (ESL).

For everything else you have been told about learning read English... Phonetics is the only sure way to learn English with correct pronunciation.

What is phonetics?

'Phonetic' means each letter (or group of letters) is sounded as it is written. For example, the letter 's' in the word 'snake' is pronounced 'sss'... This is phonetic... It is spoken exactly as it is written. The letters 'ui' in the word 'fruit' are pronounced 'oo' (fr-oo-t). This is NOT phonetic... It is NOT pronounced as it is written.

Only about 40% of written English is phonetic. This means that most of English words are not spoken as they are written.

So how can you learn to read and speak English correctly with Phonetics?

The DDcode is your answer! This product that will change any English text into 100% readable, 100% phonetic English and revolutionize English Language and ESL training and tuition throughout the world.

ESL, English as a Second Language.

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